ekoostik hookah
Friday 02/26 7:00 PM

ekoostik hookah is streaming free on groovable.net on Feb 26 thanks to Wild Bill. This will be a full-production, full-band, HD, multi-camera stream with soundboard quality audio. This one night only event will be streamed 100% live and promoters JSG Live promise some special interstellar surprises and giveaways throughout the night!

Creating an account on groovable.net is free and easy. From the homepage just click “sign up” and follow the instructions. No credit card information is necessary! If you’re on a mobile device, click the menu up top and select “sign up.”

This free stream will also be available on the ekoostik hookah Facebook and YouTube.

Tipping is HIGHLY recommended but not required. A tip of $19.99 or more automatically enters you into a contest to win one of six signed set lists.

Tip the band:
On PayPal: hookahville53@gmail.com
On Venmo: @hookahville53

You can purchase a signed poster for just $29.99 with free shipping

If you purchased a ticket to the Dec 28 show and chose to hold your ticket for the rescheduled date you have two options: You can either have your ticket fee be donated to the band and automatically be entered to win a signed set list or request a refund. Please email hookahville53@gmail.com for more information.

Purchase as gift option available!
Available Packages
Free Stream

Free Stream + Signed Poster